How to Pack Bras for Vacation

Shopify API Jul 21, 2021

How to Pack Bras for Vacation
It’s summer and time for a much-needed vacation. Before you put on your Out of Office reply, here are some tips on how to pack your luggage to keep your bras looking getaway ready.

1. Leave them for last.
Packing your bras at the very end will prevent them from being crushed. As you start filling your suitcase, make sure you leave enough room for your bras to sit comfortably at the top.

2. Stack them.
Leaving your bras unhooked, nest them inside each other to keep the cups supported. This is the same way we store our products!

3. Stuff your bras with socks and underwear.
Once they’re stacked, stash your smallest items (like socks) underneath your bottom bra. This is a great hack that saves you space and helps your bras maintain their shape during travel.